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Ethereal art & Oddities

Curio jars-Curiosity Jars (3 for 10)

Curio jars-Curiosity Jars (3 for 10)

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3 Randomly selected curio jars for you. can set preference or customize- please reach out if you want it to be specific. 

 May include items like:
-Mummified animal parts (examples: chicken feet, chicken hearts, alligator feet, rabbit tails, rabbit ears, tree frogs)
-Bugs and bug related items (examples: butterfly wings, silkworm cocoons, tiny tarantula molts, insects, cicada exoskeletons)
-Ocean curiosities (examples: shells, sand dollars, sea urchin spines, crab claws)
-Stones, crystals, and fossils
-Snake sheds
-Religious memorabilia 
-Teeth, claws, and/or bones
-Deer and/or elk antler tips
-Porcupine quills
-Feathers, fur/animal hair/hide pieces
-Dried mushrooms
-and so much more!

**$10 minimum order to check out through website. It will bring up an error or will not select a shipping address if your cart is not above $10**

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