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Radioactive Carnotite impregnated sandstone- Uranium Ore

Radioactive Carnotite impregnated sandstone- Uranium Ore

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Typically we hear of uranium and think of glowing green glass, not a rock!

Here’s some uranium ore (rock)!

This is a piece of Sandstone impregnated with Carnotite.
Carnotite is a secondary of Uranium and Vanadium. mined out in the 1950’s at Delores Bench Uravan Colorado. Carnotite is a radioactive material. 

Some background information: Oxygenated waters dissolved the uranium (uranium is very water soluble)and carried it on to be deposited in places such as sedimentary rock. (Like this sandstone) The uranium over time interacted and replaced the organic materials it touched such as logs,trees,plant matter and other carbonaceous materials which created Carnotite.

A Neat Feat of the world around us ❤️
[yes it’s radioactive- Geiger counter video included 
~43,000 cpm

((wash your hands after handling or wear gloves and open/ handle in a well ventilated area- as it IS radioactive. The amount of exposure matters as well so take that into consideration))

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