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Abalone Shell (medium)

Abalone Shell (medium)

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The interior of each shell has been polished to reveal the beautiful, natural rainbow hues, and to add an unparalleled iridescent shine in the light. It may look a little burnt or flaking when the polished part dries.
Listing is for (1) one medium abalone Seashell - 
Medium - 3.5” to 5"

Makes a Great Cone Incense Burner, Smudge Stick & Palo Santo Holder, or White Sage Ashtray. The Natural Rainbow Beauty Adds Elegance to Any Home or Office.
Great Crystal Holder, Altar Supplies or Shell decor. An Eye-Catching Natural Home Accent. Keyholder and Beautiful Trinket Bowl.

Shells shown on the listing are for illustration only to demonstrate variation in appearance. One shell will be selected at random from our stock on hand when we ship your order.
Shape,color and size may vary as it's a natural item. Also, please allow some natural imperfections like uneven edges.

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