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Haley Squire: Styx and Bones Bone Boutique

Haley was born and raised in Elko county. Her entire life has been spent taking time to be in nature and appreciating the beautiful wonders of the natural world! She is an artist working in those very mediums. Bones, crystals, mosses, and wood alike have a wonderful way of finding a new life in her art work. When most people disregard them as used up or useless she sees beauty and opportunity. Haley is inspired by paganism, fantasy novels, and the wonderful world around her.

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Emily Ware & Kaly Maetche: Montana Odd Jewelry

They are a Montana native mother and daughter team. They started by making jewelry for gifts and small vending events. They strive to make good quality, affordable jewelry to share with others. You'll find coyote teeth earrings, fur accessories and other unique embellishments.

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Sandy Coleman

Sandy is a skilled crocheter. She enjoys doing new graphghans and Diamond painting art. Sandy also believes that life is about balance and tries to achieve that daily. She enjoys doing custom blankets for family In her spare time. Through her you'll find boho, metaphysical and custom crocheted items.

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Mikayla Kerley: Ethereal art & Oddities

Hi l'm Mikayla Kerley, the owner of Ethereal Art & Oddities. When I'm not working with Oddities, I'm also a wife, full-time mother and avidly working my way towards a Geology degree.
I specialize in making custom butterfly displays and bone cleaning & degreasing. Although, I do offer more services from memorial creations, to specimen-fixation, and art works like ink portraits & paintings.

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  • Ethereal art & Oddities live interview "Backstage" with Sandy Beeler

    "We go "Backstage" this week with MiKayla Kerley. She is the founder of the "Ethereal Art and Oddities" shop in Elko Nv. Mikayla tells us how she started collecting oddities and what made her want to branch out and start offering her collection to Elko."

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  • Ethereal art & Oddities -- An Eccentric Enclave

    "A new shop has opened in Elko with a slightly different slant on sales. You won't find normal, everyday items at Ethereal art and Oddities. As the name suggests, all commodities here are more unusual in form"

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